Success Stories

Abdelmajid Rezgui – ARMABAT

Abdelmajid Rezgui is launching ARMABAT, a company based in the region of Kef which manufactures building reinforcements and already provides employment to four people.

"I graduated in Maintenance Management in 2006 in Nabeul and have always been passionate about the field of industry,” says Abdelmajd. “But despite my education and experience, I was unable to find a suitable job in Kef."

After working for a few years as a delivery man, Abdelmajid decided to start his own company in his native village of Sers.

"I was working as a courier for a company producing metal pieces for reinforcing buildings in Sfax and noticed that in Kef there wasn’t a company offering these products,” he explains. After learning more about the market I decided to address this gap by starting my own business and importing a cutting machine from Turkey.”

Whilst Abdelmajd was easily able to do a feasibility study and to identify a supplier for the machine, several challenges quickly arouse. The first obstacle was the price of the machine which was higher than the BTS (Tunisian Solidarity Bank) loan limit of 150,000 Tunisian Dinars. The second obstacle was the devaluation of the Dinar which further increased the cost of importing the machine.

Despite these difficulties, Abdelmajid remained determined to pursue his business idea, convinced that his project is financially viable and meets a growing demand.

"In the beginning I focused on the purchase and import of the machine and all the technical aspects of the project,” says Abdelmajid. “The Mashrou3i regional coaching group workshop opened my eyes to other equally important aspects, like the calculation of my profit margins, promoting sales, marketing, negotiation and general management of the company."

"The Mashrou3i project also introduced me to a community of entrepreneurs from the North West. With them, I was able to gain awareness during a workshop on environmental techniques about all the implications for the environment and waste management of my project. "

"Today in the launch, I still have some sales and marketing needs, but I'm confident about the viability of my business. I am supervised and mentored by the regional expert of Mashrou3i. Last April, I also benefited from a workshop in oral communication techniques which prepared me for an interview on Sabra FM radio and enabled me to get in touch with several new potential customers from Kairouan," says Abdelmajid.