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About 'Setting Prices'
"This was absolutely marvellous! Lots of love to all of you at HP LIFE e-Learning who have made this possible for all these young aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the best practiced methods for accurately setting prices!”
Global network of entrepreneurs
Share ideas, issues and solutions to make your business more successful.
R. from India
“HP-LIFE is a pretty neat and impressive platform for entrepreneurship learning; 'loved it'! Topics presented are specific and most useful to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Great job!”
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T. H. from Myanmar
“We gained a lot of profit and knowledge by learning this course. It helps guide me on how to establish my own business by myself and keep a successful business. It supports me in how to tackle business rivals and new challenges.”
Hands-on, relevant and interactive
Learn to use key technology and practical business skills.
About 'Inventory Management'
"I have learned a lot of things about inventory management. Actually, I am working in the IT field. By using a spreadsheet inventory, I think it will be much easier to handle my computers and computer parts. Thanks a lot.”
With certificate of completion
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M. A. about 'Profit and Loss'
"After this courses, I was able to identify my hidden expenses. I have also learned a lot about Excel by taking this course. I feel that I progress day after day by taking these courses.”
About 'Social Media Marketing'
“Thank you so much. For several weeks I searched for how to use Facebook to promote my business, and now I’ve found it here. Thank you!”




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