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Future-Proof Your Skills: Enroll in HP LIFE’s New Data Science and Analytics course

4 October 2023

The digital era has led to an explosion of data, offering organizations and individuals the opportunity to innovate and shape the world around them like never before.

HP LIFE’s latest course, Data Science and Analytics, enables learners to develop their knowledge of this rapidly growing field and its impact on the business landscape.

As they progress through the course, learners discover how organizations are collecting, storing, and analyzing data, discover how it is used to deliver value to customers, and why data security is a top priority for both companies and individuals.

They also explore some of the career paths available to those seeking to become data scientists and analysts, take a deep dive into five of the essential skills for a data science career including programing, data visualization, and cloud computing, and learn about the groundbreaking concepts shaping our digital future. A series of practical exercises enables them to consolidate their new-found knowledge.

Enrolling in HP LIFE’s Data Science and Analytics course gives learners the opportunity to:

  • Explore how organizations are harnessing data to innovate and improve the customer experience.
  • Learn how making data, technology, and skills accessible to everyone empowers individuals and organizations to thrive.
  • Discover why data growth presents challenges necessitating stronger data governance and control.


HP LIFE is a free business skills training program. It can be accessed online via the HP LIFE platform and mobile app, as well as offline through Learning Equality’s Kolibri platform

The program gives people all over the world the opportunity to learn in-demand skills and core business concepts—whether they want to enhance their education, start their own business, or secure a better job—by providing free, accessible training courses in eight languages.

It is also an adaptable educational resource used by trainers, educators, and mentors to enrich curricula, support business creation, and improve employability skills. HP LIFE is a program of the HP Foundation.