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New HP LIFE Course: Starting a Small Business

22 March 2022

We’re delighted to let you know that the new Starting a Small Business course from HP LIFE is open for enrollment.

Starting a Small Business takes you step by step through the basics of launching your own business, teaching you the skills you need to evaluate your idea and create a robust business plan enabling you to confidently launch your new venture.

As you work your way through the course, you will learn about the principles of entrepreneurship, assess how your own skills and capabilities will support your new venture, and take a deep dive into the steps needed to start a new business—from ideation to testing. You will also discover the importance of a good business plan, what information is needed to develop one, and which metrics to use to measure the success of your business.

Practical exercises enable you to apply your new skills as you help budding entrepreneur, Luis, get his home repair business off the ground. The free downloadable Target Market, Competitive Analysis, and Business Plan templates help you determine the viability of your own business idea and give you the framework needed to bring it to fruition. Additional course resources provide supplementary learning opportunities enabling you to consolidate your knowledge and fine-tune your new skills.

When you take Starting a Small Business, you will learn how to:

  • Use entrepreneurial thinking to develop and evaluate your business idea
  • Create a robust business plan
  • Use metrics to measure business success

Enroll now to take advantage of the new Starting a Small Business course, available in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.


HP LIFE is a free IT and business skills training program from the HP Foundation. It is accessible online, offline, and in person (where safe to do so) offering more than 30 courses in eight languages for entrepreneurs, business owners, and lifelong learners all over the world. It is also an adaptable educational resource used on the ground by trainers, educators, and mentors to enrich curricula, support business creation, and improve employability skills.