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HP LIFE’s first mobile course is available: Enroll in Effective Business Websites from your phone now

March 8, 2021

HP LIFE’s first fully mobile course—Effective Business Websites—is open for enrollment.

The all-new course includes up-to-date content that’s as simple for learners to use on a smartphone as it is on a PC—whether they want to watch the overview video or download the free Business Website Canvas and Worksheet.

The Effective Business Websites course marks an exciting step forward in HP LIFE’s course development plans, making it even easier for students to fit learning into their day wherever they are—at home or on the go, from the mobile device of their choice.

Enroll from your smartphone or mobile device now to experience the new Effective Business Websites course for yourself.

About Effective Business Websites

As users work their way through the Effective Business Websites course, they will learn the fundamentals of developing a website including what a domain name is, why they might need a web host, and the benefits of using a website builder. They will also learn how to use best-practice development techniques to design a website for their own business that stands out from the competition.

Practical exercises will enable them to apply their new skills as they help fashion shop owner, Juan, develop his first business website. Free resources include a downloadable Business Website Canvas and Worksheet.

Take the Effective Business Websites course to learn how to:

  • Create a professional website that meets your business goals.
  • Understand your customers and how they use a business website.
  • Select an online website builder to develop a website for your own business.
  • Use website metrics to improve your business.

Effective Business Websites is available in Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

Enroll in Effective Business Websites today.