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    Sales Forecasting


    22098 Student(s) enrolled

    Find out why sales forecasting is important for your business and how to gather the information you need to create a sales forecast.

    Finding Funding


    20800 Student(s) enrolled

    Explore funding sources for your business, identify which sources are the best match for your needs, and learn what to consider before you apply.

    Basics of Finance


    40668 Student(s) enrolled

    Learn basic business finance concepts to help you calculate expenses and find out when you will make a profit.

    Cash Flow


    22142 Student(s) enrolled

    Discover why cash flow is important to your business and how to make decisions based on the research and results you gather.

    Profit and Loss


    24638 Student(s) enrolled

    Find out what a profit and loss statement is, how it is structured, and why it’s important for your business.

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