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    Social Entrepreneurship


    2529 Student(s) enrolled

    Discover what a social enterprise is, how it differs from traditional businesses, and what you need to do to set one up successfully.

    Effective Business Websites


    21286 Student(s) enrolled

    Learn the fundamentals of building a user-friendly website that enables you to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

    Success Mindset


    20861 Student(s) enrolled

    Find out what a success mindset is, how to develop one, and how it helps you create a successful future.

    Inventory Management


    1119 Student(s) enrolled

    Learn why inventory management is essential to your business and how to manage it to maximize your profit.

    Maximizing Capacity


    16270 Student(s) enrolled

    Learn how to maximize your business’s capacity to produce goods or services and explore how a spreadsheet can improve your understanding of how staff time is used in your business.

    Marketing Benefits vs. Features


    26815 Student(s) enrolled

    Learn how to create marketing materials to promote the advantages of your products or services to your target audience.

    Setting Prices


    21594 Student(s) enrolled

    Explore how to use research to determine prices for your products and services and how to use word processing software to track the information you gather.

    Selling Online


    1034 Student(s) enrolled

    Learn how to create effective online listings for your products and how to use photo-editing software to improve your product photos.

    Your Target Audience


    26681 Student(s) enrolled

    Explore how to gather information about your existing and potential customers and how to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

    Unique Value Proposition


    26374 Student(s) enrolled

    Explore how you can differentiate your business from your competitors and how to use the Internet for research.

    Social Media Marketing


    53931 Student(s) enrolled

    Explore a range of different social media marketing platforms and learn how to create a social media advertisement that will reach your target customers.

    Sales Forecasting


    23177 Student(s) enrolled

    Find out why sales forecasting is important for your business and how to gather the information you need to create a sales forecast.