HP LIFE included as key resource in new HP Learning Studios, empowering refugees to learn in-demand skills to drive new economic opportunities

In June 2016, HP was one of 15 private sector companies to respond to a White House Call to Action, pledging to work with the Obama administration to drive new, measurable and significant commitments that will have a lasting impact on the lives of refugees.

Today, HP announced that it is building on its commitment by establishing six new HP Learning Studios in Lebanon and Jordan, in collaboration with Digital Promise Global, Global Business Coalition for Education, Microsoft, and Intel. There are currently more than 60 HP Learning Studios in 10 countries around the world, but the six new HP Learning Studios (three in Lebanon, three in Jordan) are the first to focus exclusively on serving the needs of refugees.

These HP Learning Studios are self-contained, education technology laboratories. They offer refugee youth a creative, collaborative learning space, giving them the opportunity to learn in-demand skills such as design thinking, three-dimensional design, and social entrepreneurship, while providing adults with the opportunity for employment re-skilling so they can secure quality work opportunities.

Each HP Learning Studio features the latest hardware and software technology, including the immersive all-in-one 3D scanning and computing system, HP Sprout, while HP LIFE’s 25 online micro-courses provide the core business skills content. New HP LIFE courses and curated content, specifically designed to help refugees develop the skills and expertise necessary for freelancing and e-commerce, are currently being developed to support this effort.

“HP is committed to empowering all people, wherever they are, to build a more prosperous life,” said Nate Hurst, HP Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer. “These HP Learning Studios are one way we can bring access to innovative technology and quality education where it’s needed most to give these displaced youth and adults a place to learn skills to help create a better future.”

In addition, HP committed to providing HP technology and HP LIFE training resources to the International Medical Corps Livelihoods Center pilot in Istanbul, Turkey. As part of this initiative, HP will make online freelance opportunities available to refugees. HP also agreed to support the opening of two Lynke and Blue Rose Compass tech centers for refugees in Jordan. These centers will provide training and support for refugees in app design and other technical online freelance work.

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