Success Stories

Running a a successful steel business

In April 2013, Khouloud opened a business with her father producing a wide range of steel products for use in the building construction industry. Most companies selling steel frames in Tunisia shape them by hand, but Khouloud and her father invested in a new machine from Europe making them the first company in Tunisia to offer higher quality, diverse steel products.

Gaining marketing and selling skills through HP LIFE e-Learning

When Khouloud is not managing the company’s employees and the marketing, she studies business English at university in Kairouan.

One of the major challenges she faced when the business was set up was effectively communicating its innovative product range to clients. With the support of HP LIFE e-Learning, Khouloud gained valuable marketing skills and learned how to explain her unique product offering to customers.

Khouloud feels ready to run the business independently

Khouloud’s father plans to retire in a few years and with the new business and IT skills she has learned through HP LIFE e-Learning, Khouloud feels in a stronger position to run the business independently in the future.