Success Stories

Realizing his dream to become a successful olive and conserves business

Tawfik comes from a family of entrepreneurs in Kairouan, Tunisia. When he was eight years old, he decided to use his pocket money to buy olives and conserves, which he sold in front of his father’s shop. From that moment on Tawfik knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur as well.

Realizing his dream to setup his own business

Kairouan is famous in Tunisia for its olive groves. When Tawfik discovered that the olives sold in local shops were processed in the surrounding regions - due to a lack of knowledge and facilities - he was determined to make his dream a reality.

In 2008, he set up his own olive and conserves business and now employs more than 20 people. Numerous shops in Kairouan stock his produce and he also sells wholesale to suppliers across Tunisia from his factory premises. After a three year wait, he has just received financing to buy a new olive-processing machine so that he can increase production and move away from the traditional method of processing by hand.

Growing his business skills with help from HP LIFE e-Learning

Tawfik has big ambitions. He wants to be the number one supplier of table olives and conserves in Tunisia, and he is already negotiating with potential new customers in Dubai and Turkey.

Following the courses on HP LIFE e-Learning gave Tawfik the business and IT skills, as well as the confidence he needed, for this important next step in the growth of his business. It also gave him access to important tools to help him recruit and manage the new employees that he needs to support his business expansion plans.