Success Stories

HP LIFE e-Learning sparks entrepreneurial spirit in China’s young people

As China moves from a planned to a market economy, the government is looking towards innovation and entrepreneurship among its young people to drive future economic growth. Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to turn their ideas into profitable businesses will be key to the success of this vision.

To support this aim, HP is working closely with Enactus China to strengthen entrepreneurship education in universities and academic institutions through its online IT and business skills training program, HP LIFE e-Learning. Enactus connects students, academics and business leaders through a program of student-led, entrepreneurial projects.
Supporting 21st century skills’ development

HP LIFE e-Learning provides free access to 25 interactive courses covering the core business areas of communications, operations, marketing and finance, as well special topics including effective leadership, energy efficiency and social entrepreneurship. Students can also take advantage of a wide range of additional features as they progress through the courses including certification, advice, and access to a global online community. The program is available in seven languages, including Chinese. HP LIFE e-Learning is part of HP Living Progress, creating a better future for everyone through our actions and innovations.

Creating tomorrow’s socially responsible business leaders

Students participating in the Enactus program develop a range of skills that will enable them to become socially responsible business leaders. Working in teams to identify an issue in their community, they develop a business solution that will have a positive impact, collaborating with local people and organizations to get their idea up-and-running.

With relevant content and the flexibility that allows students to learn in their own time, in class or at home, the HP LIFE e-Learning program has become a go-to resource for the teams. It is currently being used by students from more than 200 universities and, as a result of Enactus’s busy event calendar, this number is set to rise.

Feedback from students who have used the program highlight its usefulness: from the effective and practical content to the engaging narrative style of the courses. Wenbin Hou from Shanghai International Studies University, who took the Social media marketing course, says, “I love the way the course provided me with practical ways to solve daily problems. Unlike other courses which were always filled with abstract theories, HP LIFE e-Learning offered a way to actually solve the problems, like how to put ads in Facebook”.

Technology plays a pivotal role

While e-learning programs are not new in China they are often beset by problems, such as slow-loading content, and lack the interactivity needed to engage users over the long term. Thanks to a partnership between the HP Helion team and its partner in China, Beijing UnionRead, a leading content distribution network service provider and hybrid cloud operator, HP LIFE e-Learning students in China have access to a reliable, flexible platform giving them an extremely positive user experience.

HP Helion based Content Delivery Network (CDN) services provide improved network performance worldwide, a critical feature, especially in developing countries. When a user logs onto HP LIFE e-Learning, the site’s content is delivered by the closest set of servers to the user’s geography—providing a shorter travel distance, faster load times and a better overall user experience.

“We are pleased that our HP Helion solutions will help enable entrepreneurship and innovation for the future of China with our partners, Beijing UnionRead,” said Cheung Wing Kin, global vice president and general manager, HP Cloud China at a recent HP Helion media event in Beijing. “We believe that our partners will help meet the growing demand for relevant IT and business skills training in one of the fastest-growing cloud markets in the world.”