HP LIFE and LinkedIn share a mission to help the world’s professionals be more productive and successful. It was time HP LIFE created a formal presence on the platform, and now we have! Please follow our page here, share your story with us, and connect with other business professionals.

LinkedIn actually is the largest global networking platform with over 546M users in 200 different countries. It is one of the best ways for business professionals to grow their personal brands, build an online portfolio and share professional milestones with their network.

Share Learnings and Gain Insight from Others Like You

We encourage you to connect with other business professionals like yourself and share learnings that could advance your career. Each HP LIFE student has a unique experience, and many of our users have started their own businesses.

Grow Your LinkedIn Presence

On the HP LIFE LinkedIn page, we will share tips and tricks on how to leverage LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool. Whether you’re launching a new product, searching for a new job, or simply looking to enhance your professional image, look to our page for guidance on how to be successful on LinkedIn.

Stay in the Know

By following our LinkedIn page, you will be the first to know about new and improved HP LIFE courses, as they become available in each of the seven languages we offer. We also will share success stories of fellow users who have moved their businesses forward thanks in part to the knowledge they gained through HP LIFE courses.

Showcase Your Smarts

As you complete HP LIFE courses, add your certificates of completion to your profile. This adds credibility to your skillset and shows others that you are proactively learning new things about business. It’s quick and easy! Follow these steps to add all of your HP LIFE certificates to your profile:

Step 1: Copy the unique URL associated with the HP LIFE course certificate that you want to add to your LinkedIn profile

Step 2: Navigate to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to “Accomplishments.” Under accomplishments, click + and choose “Certificate”

Step 3: Fill in the boxes with appropriate information

Step 4: Paste the certificate’s URL in the “Certification URL” box

Step 5: Click “save” and the certificate will be added to your profile

We hope you join our community on the platform! Follow us here.