Success Stories

Charity Selorm - Lotus Flower Laboratory

Establishing a healthcare business.

Charity’s business provides core health assessments, such as tests for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, to help her clients identify health risks in .  She also provides the information they need for a healthier lifestyle. “Good health is so important, but we hardly pay any attention to it,” she explained. “A sedentary lifestyle can result in ill health and time off work. We are trying to combat this by showing our clients, who are typically busy professionals, where their health is now, and what they can do to improve it.”

Like lots of new small business owners, Charity faced some challenges. “Of course, it’s critical for the future success of any business that it doesn’t run at a loss,” she said. “But because I’d never had any entrepreneurship training, I was struggling with the basics.  I didn’t know how to price my services properly, who my target market was or what to do to ensure the business would grow.”

This meant Charity was wasting time and resources marketing to people who were not her key customers and making pricing decisions that were adversely affecting the business’s future growth prospects.

Learning new skills with HP LIFE

HP LIFE helped Charity tackle these challenges.  The program is funded by the HP Foundation and provides people all over the world with access to 27 free online courses in seven languages which help them build key business competencies.

“I learnt so many new skills through HP LIFE,” she said. “How to use the business model canvas tool (BMC) to develop and refine a business idea; how to determine the break-even point of my business; how to price my services properly, and how to identify my target market.”

As a result, Charity realised her original business idea was not going to work. Using her new skills, she began working on an idea for a profitable, socially-impactful business and Lotus Flower Laboratory was born. “HP LIFE gave me the tools I needed to build a strong, business with good long-term growth prospects,” she said.

Growing a successful business

Three years later, Charity’s business is thriving.  She has five employees, and is investing in new equipment so she can extend the services she offers and scale up her business.