Success Stories

Walid GHARSALLI – ‘Papers Be Green’

After a master's degree in mechanical engineering and 8 years of professional experience, Walid Gharsalli founded his own paper-packaging unit, ‘Papers Be Green’. His ex­perience combined with his skills in mechanics, team management and technical and commercial sup­port enabled him to launch his business, which has already created 5 jobs.

Based in Kasserine, Walid has already achieved his first objectives in becoming an entrepreneur: becoming his own boss, contributing to environmental protection through the manufacture of a recyclable product, and supporting job creation in his region.

“My professional experience in the private sector enabled me to develop skills to start my own business.” Says Walid. “Realizing this project is a priceless opportunity but also a challenge that is not only changing my life, but also the lives of my employees.”

The idea of the project was born in 2015, benefitting from government subsidies for young entrepreneurs. Since then, and thanks to his determination, Walid has been leveraging this investment opportunity.

“We need to strengthen the environmental protection of Tunisia. The beauty of our cities, countryside and ocean is threatened by plastic bags that litter the landscape. It’s this passion that inspired me to launch my business.”

In September 2016, Walid participated in a Mashrou3i ‘HP LIFE e-learning’ workshop organized by UNIDO with the support of USAID, the Italian Development Cooperation and the HP Foundation.  After completing the five-day business and IT skills training, Walid felt better equipped to start and grow his business.

“The project Mashrou3i gave me the opportunity to meet other new entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, and become familiar with HP LIFE’s practical tools that I’m already applying in my daily business operations.”

Walid Gharsalli chose a flourishing area, which nurtures his personal ambitions. “The use of plastic bags will soon be prohibited in our country. The paper bags market is growing and has even more potential in the years to come.

That’s why innovation is so important in this project and should not stop at its creation. We need to develop a range of innovative new products and Mashrou3i’s support in marketing and market access will help me to achieve these goals. I am confident in the future. Success is not a choice, it’s a must.”