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Experience the new HP LIFE

October 5, 2020

Today, the HP LIFE online platform welcomed students with a new look and user interface designed to create a more effective learning experience.

The new platform has all the free business and IT skills-building content learners expect and is now easier to access with improved responsiveness, a cleaner design, and powerful new features that make it simpler to enroll in courses, keep tabs on progress, and share achievements with others. Key features include:

  • Quick course search and selection
  • Real-time progress updates as individual course modules are completed
  • Certificates of Completion available to download immediately after courses are finished

“Since 2016, more than 340,000 people have improved their skills or learned new ones using HP LIFE. We’re excited to unveil our redesigned platform, which provides students with an improved learning experience and supports our goal of enrolling 1 million users by 2025,” said Stephanie Bormann, Manager, HP Foundation.

If you’re ready to experience the power of the new HP LIFE, follow the simple steps below to get the best out of the program and maximize your learning journey.

1. Choose a browser

Use one of these supported browsers on your computer or mobile device for the best performance.

  • Google Chrome (Recommended)
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

2. Log in to the new HP LIFE platform

How you log in to the new online platform for the first time depends on the log in route you normally take.

  • If you are a new HP LIFE visitor, click JOIN FOR FREE (top right of screen) and follow the instructions to create your user profile.
  • If you are an existing HP LIFE learner, follow the instructions below.

Social media

  1. Select language.
  2. Click LOG IN.
  3. Choose social media button.
  4. Complete your profile information.

Email and password

  1. Select language.
  2. Click LOG IN.
  3. Click Forgot password? link.
  4. Enter your email and click Request New Password.
  5. Click the link in the email you receive to return to the platform and reset your password. (Remember to check your spam folder.)
  6. Complete your profile information.

3. Your new profile

Your new profile includes details such as your full name—make sure it’s the one you want to use on your Certificates of Completion—the country in which you’re based, and your language and marketing preferences. Remember to check the Manage Email Preferences box if you want to join HP LIFE’s mailing list.

4. Select and enroll in a course

It’s easy to find your ideal course. Select ALL COURSES (top left of screen) to browse the complete course catalog or choose to search by category. If you already know the name of the course you’d like to take, use Search For Courses (top right of screen) to locate it. Once you have selected your course, click to get started. You can choose to work your way through the complete course all at once or take it stage by stage.

5. Earn your Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion are available to download immediately after you have completed all course modules (Story, Business Concept, Technology Skill, and Survey). A copy of the certificate is also sent to you by email and all your certificates can be accessed at any time from your Profile dashboard (top right of screen) when you’re logged in to the platform.

6. Browse the home page

Log out and browse the home page to familiarize yourself with the new design and layout: Watch the video, explore the links, and read the content. Remember to bookmark the page for easy future access.

7. Check out the news page

You’ll find the news page under the HP LIFE dropdown on the menu bar. Use this page to keep up to date with HP LIFE news including new courses, new partners, and key program achievements.

8. Discover our partners

We work with amazing partners all over the world who include HP LIFE as a key resource in their powerful educational programs. Find out more about the work they’re doing by visiting the partners’ page located under the HP LIFE dropdown on the menu bar.

9. Read our learners’ success stories

From a groundbreaking renewable energy business in Tunisia to a thriving health and wellbeing business in Ghana, HP LIFE learners all over the world are creating successful business futures for themselves and contributing positively to the communities in which they live. Find inspirational success stories under the HP LIFE dropdown on the menu bar.

10. Share HP LIFE with your family and friends

HP LIFE is an effective resource for anyone who is thinking about starting or growing a business, looking for ways to learn relevant new skills, or preparing for the world of work—and best of all it’s free. Please tell your family, friends, and colleagues about HP LIFE so they too can learn the essential skills to realize their dreams and build a successful business future.