Success Stories

Developing new communication skills through HP LIFE -Learning

Naoufel established his company ‘Newest Technology Test’ in April, 2013. Newest Technology Test is the first company in Tunisia to design and manufacture the tables used to test cables employed in the assembly of heavy duty vehicles and cars.

Previously international companies with manufacturing operations in Tunisia would be forced to send the test tables back to Europe to be repaired.

Rapidly growing company - but waiting for vital financing

After working for three years in a company repairing test tables, Naoufel learned how to design them himself and saw the opportunity to start his own business. Demand for his products was high and his company was growing rapidly. However, he still needed vital financing from the bank to invest in more technology to grow his enterprise.

New skills in communicating his business plan through HP LIFE e-Learning

Naoufel felt that his start up was so innovative that many banks just did not understand it. Through HP LIFE e-Learning he learned how to communicate his business plans clearly to others. After completing the online training he visited his bank and with the new skills he had learnt, he was able to secure the financial resources he needed to continue developing his business.