Success Stories

Amine Chebbi - Media World

Amine Chebbi is the founder of Media World, a business offering graphic design and digital printing services in Dahmani, Kef.

When you enter the town of Dahmani it is hard to imagine starting a media agency in an area like this, where most people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. However, for 29-year-old Amine Chebbi launching Media World was a logical step that has already gained him several local customers and provides employment to four other people in his region.

Amine recounts how his journey began with failure, talking about his studies almost like an anecdote.

“In 2010, I started studying multimedia in Kef,” says Amine. “But I soon realized there weren’t any companies offering these services in my region and I grew concerned that I wouldn’t find a job after graduating. So I quit the course and moved to Tunis to study Industrial and Robotics Programming with the hope of getting employment in one of the large industrial companies in the region. However, after the revolution these large companies started closing, whilst advertising and graphic design agencies were popping up and I could see opportunities in the multimedia sector were growing.”

After obtaining his degree, Amine resumed his training in computer graphics and multi media, returning to a field that fascinates him. During this time, he began to develop his business plan and acquired a lot of experience through volunteer work with local associations and professional employment in diverse jobs including being a painter, industrial technician, tele-operator and designer in communication. These experiences developed his personality and enabled him to build a strong local network.

At the end of 2017, after several revisions to his business plan and thanks to the support of the Kef Business Center, Amine finally obtained a bank loan from the BTS (Tunisian Solidarity Bank). After installing all the necessary equipment, Amine opened the doors of his media agency in February 2018. Shortly afterwards he was contacted by the regional expert of the Mashrou3i project organized by UNIDO and funded by USAID, the Italian Cooperation and the HP Foundation.

"I was immediately taken by the hand and mentored by the UNIDO expert, who helped me to improve my accounting skills and advised me in steps related to the recruitment of staff and taxation for my company," says Amine.

Amine has also benefited from the assistance of the Mashrou3i project to promote his business in an interview on the regional radio which helped him gain new clients. To prepare for the radio interview he attended a coaching specialized in oral techniques and communication.

Amine is proud to have developed a loyal clientele in the governorate of Kef, but also in Tunis.

"I put a lot of emphasis on customer relations, which must be strong and based on respect and professionalism, the key to my success," explains Amine.

Through Media World, Amine has many ambitions and projects. The company already provides graphic design services and printed promotional products, such as banners and branded goods. Amine is also currently developing a partnership with a young start-up in the region of Kef to expand his service offering to include website design.