Success Stories

Houda Najjari – “Centre of Excellence”

From an early age, Houda Najjari has been passionate about the field of Education. She saw a real need through the poor quality of public education that her daughter and other children in her surroundings were receiving. She decided to launch the "Centre of Excellence" in order to provide an additional support to these children and raise their achievement levels.

"After graduating from university in Mathematics in 2011, I waited a long time for an assignment as a high school teacher, as the competition for this position is very high. This is how I started to develop a new state of mind and perceive myself as an entrepreneur. Even if I was very far from this profile, I was mostly engaged in a process of reflection and action that led me to start my own business. Launching your own project is not an easy task, given the obstacles that can be encountered such as finding a location or financing. But with the will to become an entrepreneur, everyone can gradually overcome these challenges."

Convinced of the need to support the younger generation in their school curriculum, Houda opened "Centre of Excellence” in August 2017 in Tozeur, a private educational centre which has as a mission to strengthen education and improve achievement of students aged 6 to 19 years. From the start, she employed 5 full-time educators and assistants by her side.

Despite a slow launching process, the creation of her company accelerated in July 2017 when she met the Mashrou3i team and attended a HP LIFE Business Coaching Program Workshop. Mashrou3i is a project organized by UNIDO and funded by USAID, the Italian Cooperation and the HP Foundation. "My first contact with Mashrou3i happened by chance at the ANETI, following a meeting to raise awareness on business creation. I was invited to attend an HP LIFE workshop. I was very enthusiastic and enjoyed the training a lot.  I even encouraged my business partner to do it."

“The HP LIFE e-Learning training has been very beneficial to me in terms of developing concepts. It even gave me ideas how to improve my own training methods. Through HP LIFE and the Mashrou3i workshop I was also able to develop a viable business plan and to determine all the costs of my project through specific IT tools.”

At only 34 years old, Houda has already found her destiny. After opening her educational support centre, she wants to open a private school with a liberal methodology. The parents of the children are satisfied and receptive to the strengths of the "Centre of Excellence" thanks, among other things, to the creation of fun activities in IT, mathematics and languages. "It is certainly only the beginning; my resources might be limited for the moment, but I would like to retain my customers through a service of quality and to build a reputation which will allow me in the long run to realize my dream: the opening of a private school."