HP LIFE helping improve UK digital skills

HP LIFE, the HP Foundation’s free online learning program, has been selected as a primary resource in the UK government’s Digital Strategy, which sets the vision and policy actions for the country’s digital economy for the next 5 years. The Strategy aims to ensure everyone in the UK can develop the skills they need to thrive in a digital world.

As part of the Strategy, the government has committed to provide access to a variety of free training opportunities for children and adults lacking relevant skills by working with private sector businesses through the Digital Skills Partnership. A number of leading organizations, including HP and the HP Foundation, have pledged their support.

  • • HP LIFE will be offered to disadvantaged groups in the UK to help them improve their business, IT and digital skills, aiming to reach 6,000 new UK users over the next five years. Users will include asylum seekers, refugees and underprivileged young people.
    This initiative further strengthens HP LIFE’s presence in the UK where the team is already working with new partner organizations to create opportunity through technology-related learning experiences.

  • In addition, HP has pledged to:

  • • introduce its HP Graphics Education Program in the UK. This will empower the next generation of digital printing graduates with the skills they need to work in the rapidly changing digital printing space. HP will share content and knowledge with selected schools, institutions and partners and open HP’s demo and training centres to the most talented students through dedicated Summer Camps.

  • • expand its Learning Studios initiative to more schools across the country. This will equip them with the latest education technologies, as well as appropriate support for teachers, and help improve IT skills, expose students to innovative skills and concepts such as design thinking, three dimensional design, and social entrepreneurship.

    George Brasher, MD UK & I at HP said: “The UK government’s new Digital Strategy will help businesses and charities make greater strides towards narrowing the skills gap and gaining a competitive advantage. We believe we have a responsibility to partner with government, teachers, parents, pupils and other industry leaders to enhance digital learning and close the knowledge gap. We are proud to support the new Strategy which will help build on the UK’s digital foundations and make it one of the most dynamic and supportive places to develop and grow a digital business”.
    Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport said: “We want everyone to have the skills and confidence they need to benefit from digital technology as we seek to make the most of the opportunities ahead and build a stronger, fairer Britain. Improving digital skills is at the heart of the Government's recent Digital Strategy, including this fantastic commitment by the HP Foundation to bring its free online learning platform to the UK. This will be vital in helping thousands of disadvantaged groups improve their business, IT and digital skills”.