Success Stories

Imen Timoumi - Tuniclean

After working in Sousse for two years as a Hygiene and Food Safety consultant, Imen Timoumi launched Tuniclean, a company specializing in environmental impact assessments, in Kairouan in April 2012. Tuniclean now provides several types of impact studies in the fields of agricultural and industry. Its clients consist mainly of established businesses and startups operating in a variety of sectors.

"During my first year of business,” says Imen, “I heard that HP LIFE entrepreneurship training was available in my region through the newly launched Mashrou3i project. I also found out that the objective of the training was to provide the tools and skills for young entrepreneurs to develop their business projects. I decided to take part straight away.”

Through the training, Imen learnt how to develop her project and the techniques for business to business communication. During a four day training session, she realized she had to find a partner to increase her business’s chances of success. She also discovered the importance of networking and took advantage of the training to meet future entrepreneurs around the region and to build up her customer network.

Armed with her new knowledge, Imen met entrepreneur, Mr. Maher Mejri, who owns a company specializing in the treatment of waste in Kairouan. They decided to work in partnership and use the synergies between their two businesses to access new markets in Tunisia and to improve their services.

"Since the launch of Tuniclean”, says Imen, “My office has developed more than twenty studies for entrepreneurs from Kairouan. We have also had orders from entrepreneurs based in Tunis, Sousse and Zaghouan. The greatest difficulty I face today is the strong competition from consulting firms based in Tunis or the Sahel. Tuniclean is however the only impact assessment office in the central regions of Tunisia. My challenge now is to make my business stand out from the competition with the support of a marketing expert provided through the Mashrou3i project."